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Out of the Frame - International Theatre Forum

The international meeting is the closing event of the R.I.O.T.E. 3 project supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The forum’s main objective is to share the experiences of the eight European partner organisations involved in the two-year project, which are collected in two publications: one is an anthology of theatre projects realised by the participating groups in rural areas, while the second presents the results of a research on the physiological effects of theatre on participants and spectators.

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In addition to the presentation of the two publications, the one-day forum will focus on local and international practices that put the community at the heart of theatre work, and on the theatre processes and initiatives that aim to build lasting relationships with marginalised areas of all kinds – whether geographical or social – in order to contribute to the ideal of free access to culture.


Out of the Frame will be organized every two years with a different central topic each year.

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