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A Long Short Journey

Keynote Address held by John Fox and Sue Gill (Dead Good Guides, UK)

Sue Gill and John Fox started Welfare State International [WSI] with others, in 1968. The company achieved a world wide reputation for creating site specific theatre, fire shows, lantern parades, installations and participatory art. They archived WSI in 2006 and started Dead Good Guides, a new, smaller company. 


This work extends the notion of ‘community theatre’ to a much wider cultural agenda. It raises the question whose culture is it and who are the dominant gatekeepers?


Sue and John believe it is essential to consider these questions, to examine fundamental needs and if necessary create radical shifts in our given and/or received orders.


JOHN FOX was the Artistic Director of Welfare State International (WSI, 1968-2006) which he founded with Sue Gill in 1968. The company, which was based in Ulverston, Cumbria, has received numerous awards and was described in the Guardian Guide (November 2001) as "Britain's foremost alternative performance and installation collective." (...)

SUE GILL is co-founder of Welfare State International and has worked in celebratory theatre in diverse communities for almost forty years. Lecturer, author, broadcaster, performer, celebrant, singer, [retired] truck driver, cook and workshop leader. (...)

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