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ON THE TWO BANKS OF THE RIVER - The story of Odin Teatret and the people in a foreign country ('56, 1978). Film projection

There is martial law in the country Odin Teatret has come to. The authorities keep a sharp eye on theatre groups, who create disorder, gather crowds, because when people collect together anything can happen. In 1978 Odin Teatret travelled to Peru. The film, which shows how they managed to play their performances and come into contact with people, in spite of the restrictive conditions, is essentially about the strategy of insubordination by means of theatre. Odin Teatret is seen training in a slum, organising parades in Indian villages, performing in an Ayacucho prison and taking part in several barters.
Traditional celebrations had not been forbidden. The authorities knew that fireworks were less harmful than paving stones. Some people invited Odin Teatret who agreed to perform on condition the local people accepted a barter: they should also show something of theirs.

OUTDOOR THEATRE ON STILLS - Photo exhibition launch ​

TOWARDS A PLAYFUL BEING - A film about Kud Ljud (30', 2019).

Artist: Gábor Rumann (Control Studio, HU) 

Photographer and filmmaker Rumann Gábor has been following through his camera the events of RIOTE 2 as the representative of Control Studio, the project coordinator. His unique view gave birth to a series of stunning photos, which will now be exhibited. We will also be presenting the first part of an educational film on street theatre: Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education - Three views. The film is constituted of three units, which can also be seen independently, and they present three theatre groups: Kud Ljud, Teatro tascabile di Bergamo and Broken Spectacles. The movie presents the fundamental working methods of the companies through archive documents, interviews and crucial moments of the training sessions during the RIOTE and the RIOTE 2 projects.


WHY DON’T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD (A personal guide to outdoor interactive theatre) by Vida Cerkvenik Bren, Kud Ljud 

This book gives insight into how outdoor performances are made; shares personal stories of performers, directors and producers across Europe; provides tools for analysing existing theatre phenomena and suggests helpful mechanisms to build a new creation.
Does the world of outdoor performances enchant you and you would like to make a performance on your own? Are you educating adults through the medium of theatre and would like to get some practical tips or tools? Or are you just fascinated when you see an outdoor performance and would like to read about some of the tricks used?

The book enables the reader to step into an interactive process of exploration and tries to encourage independent thinking. While hoping to inspire educators, cultural organizers, artists, students and academic researchers the guide combines theoretical texts and personal stories with illustrations and graphic presentations that make it accessible also to the general public.



LJUD is an international collective of performers, directors, visual artists and anthropologists, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, that has been since 2007 exploring the possibilities of artistic expression in public space through interactive performances and site-specific projects. LJUD’s main focus is developing a reciprocal relationship with its audience, encouraging the spectator to become a co-creator of a game, a ritual and a social event.

The book is based on more than 10 years of experience of LJUD in international artistic work as well as education of adults. Besides contribution by LJUD who has taken over the writing of the main chapters and editing, the book will also feature contributions by RIOTE partner organisations and other experts from the field of performing arts in public spaces.

Download the book here:

Version for digital reading:

Version for printing:

RURAL TOURING HANDBOOK (For European cultural agencies & entrepreneurs) by Sarah Peterkin & Ralph Lister, Take Art


  • What is Rural Touring?

  • Could it work in Europe?

  • The England Rural Touring Experience

  • Developing a Scheme Outside UK

  • Setting Up & Running a Scheme



The Rural Touring Handbook has been produced as part of the RIOTE (Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education) project and has been designed to help support the development of sustainable rural touring within Europe.

It provides a background to the successful rural touring sector in England and will act as a useful practical guide for three of our RIOTE partners; Shoshin Theatre in Romania, Control and Utca- Szak in Hungary, to  investigate  the  possibility  of starting similar initiatives in their respective countries.

The Handbook offers advice and information to those who might wish to create a ‘pilot’ rural touring network in their area. It also includes tips on how to support volunteers in rural communities to promote professional touring shows and how to advise theatre companies on what to expect when performing in non-dedicated arts spaces.



Sarah Peterkin, Director Rural Touring Take Art, has been running the scheme in Somerset, UK since 1996. She has a wealth of experience in bridging the gap between artists, companies and volunteer promoters to bring some of the best touring work available to small rural communities.

Executive Director, Ralph Lister, has worked at Take Art since 1989. Ralph has safely steered the organisation to grow from a small rural touring scheme to a multi-faceted arts development organisation working locally, nationally and internationally.

Download the book here:

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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