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Day 1 of OUT OF THE FRAME! Registration is now open for these fantastic free events. If you wish to take part in them, please send an e-mail to


14:00-17:00 Cultural management with Miki Braniste at K+ (Str. Memorandumului 3). In Romanian.

Miki Braniste is a cultural manager, president of Colectiv A Association and co-curator of the festival Temps d`images Cluj. She is interested in art as a development tool of the community in which she activates. Preoccupied by the economic and social-political transformations which occur within the global society, she is involved in cultural projects together with the artists inspired by the image of our times.

Colectiv A aims to participate at the development of the local cultural scene by research laboratories, contemporary dance workshops, productions of interdisciplinary performances, artistic residencies, participatory cultural projects etc. Colectiv A has its center in the Paintbrush Factory and it participates actively at the dynamics and the development of this space through the projects it proposes.

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17:00-20:00 Interactive street theatre techniques workshop with Grega Močivnik at Franciscan Monastery (str. Victor Deleu nr. 2.). In English.

Actor, performer and producer Grega Močivnik is a member of international theatre group Ljud since 2007 and was/is part of all their bigger projects. With the project Invasion, he was, as one of the main protagonists, performing in more than 90 international festival in 30 different countries. He works as mentor and organizer  of free open theatre workshops of physical interactive theatre called »Ljud's Laboratory«, which are going on in Ljubljana since 2009.

Members of Kud Ljud believe in theatre as a “living” phenomenon that must be in direct contact with the present times. Playing with the “fourth wall” between the actor and the audience is vital for the group in order to establish theatre performance as a game, a ritual and a social event. The basic focus of the rehearsals is: achieving a state of relaxed concentration, working with the voice and the body together, building group awareness and responsibility, removing blockades for free expression and spontaneous reaction/improvisation, building physically stylized characters. The basic principles of the rehearsals are also very useful for (can be applied to) any kind of public performing or developing general skills of group work.

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Out of the Frame - International Theatre Forum and Conference is part of the RIOTE2 project (Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education 2) co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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