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Shoshin International Theatre Residencies, 5th edition

Theatre of reciprocity

The 5th edition of Shoshin International Theatre Residencies will take place between 12-17 August in the village of Méra in Cluj county, Romania, near Cluj-Napoca. It will be a 5 days workshop with Donald Kitt and Kai Bredholt from Odin teatret.
The work will be divided in two parts:

FIRST PART: With Donald Kitt

1. the performers physical training
2. the development of actions inspired by the use of an object
3. vocal exploration: the discovery of an individual rhythm, spatial awareness and dynamism

The performer's work evolves from the creation of personal material with the stick as a partner and culminates in a montage. Throughout the development of this material the performer will weave it with texts, songs and the use of space. The workshop aims at encouraging a personal process opening up hidden meanings.’

Sticks and Stones, workshop led by Donal

source: Odin Teatret, photo by: Tobiasz Papuczys

SECOND PART: With Kai Bredholt

Montage of a performance and Village barter:

Using the materials created in the first part of the workshop as well as personal material (songs, dance and poetry), the participants will meet singers, musicians and dancers from the local village, and together with them organise a final Barter: a Banquet of songs and poetry.

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Participation fee: 200 Euros for participants from Western Europe, 100 Euros for participants from Eastern Europe. Fee includes tuition, lodging (at locals), food and transportation from Cluj Napoca to Méra. To register for the workshop, please send a filled-out application form to The application form can be downloaded from:

DONALD KITT was born in Canada in 1964, just a few days after Odin Teatret was born. After studying at the University of Winnipeg, he acted in many performances until 1989, when he co-created Primus Theatre in Canada, a company dedicated to original, multi-disciplinary performances which toured throughout Canada, USA and Europe. After the group ceased its activities in 1998, Donald Kitt moved to Italy where he worked as a performer, teacher and stilt instructor.Donald studied and performed Topeng dance in Bali (1996) under the guidance of the Balinese Master I Made Djimat. In 2006 Donald joined Odin Teatret and now, as well as acting, he directs, performs on stilts, teaches workshops and instructs young stilters and performers involved in barters and transformances ( theatricalization of a specific social milieu) in Denmark

KAI BREDHOLT (Denmark) was born in Copenhaguen. He was educated as a boat builder but since 1990 works as an actor, musician and composer at Odin Teatret as well as director of theatre performances and cultural barters where he theatralises local spaces and involves local horses, tractors, poets, choirs, schools, churches and cultural associations. In 2016 he founded Landsbylaboratoriet (Village laboratory) where he works as artistic director.

source: Kai Bredholt

Kai Bredholt Forras_Odin Teatret.jpg

source: Kai Bredholt

SHOSHIN INTERNATIONAL THEATRE RESIDENCIES are training and research sessions dedicated to expanding the field of performer training and studying the link between nature, the rural, and creative processes. The sessions are intended for actors, directors, dancers, coreographers and all those interested in performance or the themes proposed by the trainings, from Romania and abroad. Previous qualification in the field of acting or dancing is not a condition of participation.


source: Kai Bredholt

The project is made possible by the support of Bethlen Gábor Fund, Romanian Cultural Institute, the County Council of Cluj and the City Hall and Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

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