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Shoshin International Theatre Residencies, 2016

Knots of time, nodes of present: the Boat
29 August – 3 September, Kide (Chidea) village, Cluj county, Romania

Led by: Grzegorz Ziółkowski (STUDY || ROSA, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, PL) and Csongor Köllő (Shoshin Theatre Association and University of Babes-Bolyai, RO)

Resident author: Zsolt Visky (RO)

A boat is a structure that takes you from one river-bank to the other. It is a transition, but not without risks. It can be a reference to death, as in Różewicz: „in my black suit / in a boat / without oars / leaving the world / sailing away / father”. But it can also be more general – as in the idea of a journey.

We aimed to capture this idea from the point of view of theatre craft: an actor should not stay intact, so the piece of work s/he is working on and with, is like this little, unstable structure, transporting and transforming the performer.

The other idea was: whom and what would you take on board if you had this little unsafe vehicle like a boat, and you’re a refugee crossing dangerous waters. What words, what song, what images would you carry to your new life?

Elements of work included: Text rendering and Voice work, Actor’s acrobatics, Partnership in action, Space/Group awareness, Warrior attitude, Qigong, Morning and dusk runs, Song, Individual journeys.

Other details (work leader's bio): here

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