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Why don't we do it in the road

Why Don’t We Do It in the Road is a book for anyone:

... who enjoys creating outdoor theatre performances,

... who is interested in learning about it,

... who is interested in the mechanisms behind it,

... and for anyone who is ... well ... just generally interested in things.

The book has emerged from personal experience of creating theatre in the streets, squares, parks, villages, buses, hospitals, churches and even mountains. Although a personal experience, it is one that is embedded in the firm belief that art should be created collectively. Over the last decade the author, Vida Cerkvenik Bren, has been at the core of numerous collective artistic processes.

Following her graduation in theatre directing she, in 2006, co-founded Ljud – an international collective that explores the possibilities of artistic expression in public spaces through interactive performances and site-specific projects. Since then Vida has toured with Ljud around the world, directing, performing and teaching in more than 30 countries.


During her travels she and her fellow “Ljuds” have crossed paths with many likeminded artists: performers, directors and pedagogues as well as theatre critics, festival directors and academics. Their ideas and advice have enriched her views on making and understanding theatre and some of them can be found in this book.


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Rural touring handbook


  • What is Rural Touring?

  • Could it work in Europe?

  • The England Rural Touring Experience

  • Developing a Scheme Outside UK

  • Setting Up & Running a Scheme



The Rural Touring Handbook has been produced as part of the RIOTE (Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education) project and has been designed to help support the development of sustainable rural touring within Europe.

It provides a background to the successful rural touring sector in England and will act as a useful practical guide for three of our RIOTE partners; Shoshin Theatre in Romania, Control and Utca- Szak in Hungary, to  investigate  the  possibility  of starting similar initiatives in their respective countries.

The Handbook offers advice and information to those who might wish to create a ‘pilot’ rural touring network in their area. It also includes tips on how to support volunteers in rural communities to promote professional touring shows and how to advise theatre companies on what to expect when performing in non-dedicated arts spaces.


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