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Polis project, 2017

Polis junior: 3-5 June, led by Tünde Kocsis;

                    8-11 June, led by Raúl Iaiza, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Polis MPA (Mixed Performing Arts): 8-11 June, led by Raúl Iaiza, in Cluj-Napoca

Teatropolis - public street demonstration: 11 June, at Strada Fortăreței, Cluj-Napoca


The two-module workshop, one for youth and one for adults, and the participants common, public work demonstration was inspired by Aristophanes' satires, The Birds and The Knights. The theme touches upon the street demonstrations in the near past (2017), the voices of citizens, and the choices of facing the problems or escaping into a utopian world. What has changed since 2500 years ago, when these works were written, in social and political frameworks? 

Our aim was to unfold these issues in different artistic ways, with the tools of drama pedagogy, physical and vocal training.


The project was funded by the Mayor's Office of Cluj-Napoca and its Local Council.

Out partner was the Életfa Családsegítő Egyesület (Life-Tree Family Support Association) through their community-project: "I would like to play too" 


Press: A talk with Raúl Iaiza on his Teatropolis; published: Samizdat online, October 2017, by Nikolett Németh

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