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Little Everything and the Magic Box

What is happening in the gift box? What does the wrapped-up doll think while waiting for someone to make happy? Is she dreaming? Is she lonely? Is she curious about the outside world?


Little Everything is impatient and curious. She looks out of the box and sees the wonders outside, the kind faces which look back curiously too. She can no longer remain in the dark. As she ventures out, a fragrant, green field opens up and her luggage comes to life, convincing her to set off on the road of secrets to discover the world. Hiding in the magic box, she becomes the tiny Little Everything, and her travel companion becomes the tiny little Dingó. The two of them are flying towards adventures.


„We are going day and night, night and day, bathing in the sea, walking in a flowery field, skating in the winter, dancing on the rope, then dreaming. Our dreams are the sea, the flowery field, the day and the night, ourselves, the small ones and the grown-ups.”


Little Everything and the Magic Box invites us to a wonderful journey. Regardless of age, it activates imagination though movements, puppets and music. The performance can also be seen as an inner journey, a discovery that is necessary for life. It is worth to pay attention to every moment and each colour, because even the smallest things can give us joy if we are able to turn to them with love.


Actor: Noémi Csont

Creators: Kata Palocsay Kisó, Enikő Györgyjakab, Ágnes Forró, Raul Csokán

Music: Viktor Magyaróvári (Kayamar)

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