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Carmen Funebre - Teatr Biuro Podrózy (PL)

The company was founded by Pawel Skotak in 1988 with the aim of creating new ways of expression, exploring and expanding the possibilities of theater, as well. The performance Carmen Funebre has already been shown in more than 50 countries around the world and has won numerous awards. The play was inspired by the war in Bosnia, and by other ethnic conflicts, as well as world-wide outbreaks of nationalism and intolerance. In preparation for Carmen Funebre, members of the theatre company met refugees from the former Yugoslavia, who bore witness to their fate. The refugees’ accounts of lost relatives and homes gave inspiration to the actors as they worked on various scenes and built metaphors which described universal themes of the condition of displaced people. Stilts, fire, searchlights, spectacular sets, and chilling music threaten the audience while evoking both fear and compassion. Press Excerpts: “Thrilling and highly recommended” —The Guardian; “The unforgettable dramatization of war” - The Observer; “The reaction of the Polish company to the madness of the Bosnian war was one of the most intriguing performances I have ever seen,” Steven Berkoff in the Evening Standard.

PYRO - M Studio (RO)

The company was inspired by circus traditions, the idea of which was born during the rehearsal process of a circus theatre performance, entitled Celebration  and directed by Péter Uray more than ten years ago. The actors got acquainted with the poi technique through fire juggler Hajnalka Molnár, and they   supplemented it over the years with the techniques of a fiery stick, skipping rope, palm torch, fan and fire blowing. The music of the production is the work of küb_beat & perkucigo.  Played by: Chiriţescu György, Deák Zoltán, Gáll Katalin, Nagy Eszter, Polgár Emília, Szekrényes László, Veress Nagy Attila.

János Háy: Father’s daughter - Shoshin Theatre Association (RO)

Háy’s text is based on the figure of Polish nurse Irena Sendlerowa, who rescued more than 2,000 children from the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. However, the real background was only a starting point  for the author –as he himself mentions in the preface to his work- and for  the creative team  to observe and traverse the other side of the coin, while exploring external oppression, vulnerability, the situation of confinement;  the inner confinement, the limits within us, the inability of man to true freedom, and the fact that “we are prisoners of our own prison and cannot destroy a wall, and we are glad  when others build a wall around us, as we believe we are in captivity because of them”. Played by: Sára Kiss-Ferenczi, Tamás Márkos, Ervin Ruszuly. Live music: Tamás Márkos. Directed by: Csongor Köllő.  Dramatug asistant: Veres Kincső.

Project realized with the support of the City Hall and the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca.

*the performance is in Hungarian without subtitles


Fluidian concert (RO)


Fluidian (Emil Gherasim) is a composer, guitarist and sound artist. His work includes acoustic and electronic music, film and theater music, sound samples for contemporary dance performances and visual works, minimalist textural music, “sound paintings” and ambient sound. His music is very personal and deeply meditative, born out of a specific manner of improvisation. Due to his playing techniques with the guitar (blowing across the strings or using a violin bow), manipulated with electronics and using his own minimalistic textural concept, his music transforms into a contemplative, floating sound journey.

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