The biggest challenge of KaravanAct is organizational and financial. We have a very small team, which nonetheless is very dedicated, so this is not really a problem. The real problem is the financial part. We are an independent company, relying on funding and available resources from the government and other supporters.


This year one of the big funding bodies got really delayed in publishing the open call for applications, and after this, they cut half of the budget, we were asking for. This means that in the final moments, only a few days before starting the festival, we were facing the problem of missing lot of money. So we had two choices: either to compromise the festival, the ideas and the work we put together, by sending one or two companies home, or to take up this challenge and say that despite the adversity, we would do the festival as we imagined it. So now, you can also help us realize this dream by donating.


We are asking you to take part in this dream by helping the festival with donating, sharing this video or the crowdfunding page we put together. #sharingiscaring


By helping us, you will contribute to realize not only the KaravanAct Festival, but also it will go along the way in helping us develop our other activities, supporting street theatre, open air theatre and different kinds of independent theatre, to come alive and take hold in our region.


More infos & donations:


Thank you for your support!