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Bharatanatyam Classical Indian Dance Course

Shoshin Theatre Association launched a classical Indian dance training. Through the 10 meetings the participants learnt the basic moves of Bharatanatyam and continuously exercised them, perfecting their own movement culture in the process. The system of Indian dance is such that it activates the whole body, while transposing the synchronised movement of the hand and phalanges, as well as the face and all its muscles, into the field of precise expression. Bharatanatyam is a several thousand years old style from the South of India, the expression has Sanskrit roots and is made up of the words: bhava (feelings, emotions), raga (melody), tala (rhythm), and natyam (dance). 
The workshop leader was Géza Pintér, who has been studying the style for 4 years, and has been a professional street theatre performer for 7 years. Between 2010 and 2014 he worked with Frankfurt-based Antagon Aktion Theater, and between 2014-2017 with Teatro tascabile di Bergamo. His Indian dance master is Bittner Meenakshi Dóra, Bharatanatyam dancer.

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