Gurdjieff Dance & Movement Workshop

IMPORTANT: Dear Friends, due to the acceleration of the recent situation, we would like to inform you that we have decided to cancel next week's Gurdjieff Dance & Movement workshop. This, despite the fact that Gurdjieff Dances are not based on direct physical contact, and dancers generally are a safe distance from each other. Stay safe and try to use your time wisely in this period. Thank you for understanding.

First session of the Shoshin Theatre Association Workshop Season of 2020.

The workshop will be conducted by Miloš Kecman.
When: 16-19th March
Where: ZIZ – Art & Social Area (str. Paris 5-7, on the 1st floor of the former Synagogue)

G. I. Gurdjieff’s series of movements allow the development of attention and awareness. During the workshop participants acquire precise movement sequences accompanied by a variety of music that develops coordination and sense of rhythm, requiring constant attention and awareness. These movements are based on traditional dances G. I. Gurdjieff studied during his trips in Central Asia, in India, in Tibet, in the East and in Africa. The result is a beneficial effect on the ability to relax and focus - and on life in general through changes in the following areas: improved awareness of the body, centering, balance between attention and relaxation, balance between effort and readiness, as well as awareness of your inner space and the outside world.

Since 2012 Miloš Kecman has been conducting courses and weekend workshops for these movements, mainly in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade.

Application is open until Friday, March 13th on the following e-mail address: (to apply please send short bio together with a photo of yourself). Participating in the workshop is not subject to the qualifications of an actor, dancer or other performative education.
All interested are welcome!
Participation fee: 160 lei full price, 140 lei for Shoshin alumni.


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