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Gurdjieff Dance & Movement Workshop

„The effort itself is indispensable to development, not the thing that it produces.” G. I. Gurdjieff


In order for people to learn something about themselves, G. I. Gurdjieff, among other things, has created series of movements that enable us to develop attention and awareness, and get closer to connecting to our own body, emotions and thoughts. The result is a beneficial effect on our ability to relax and focus - and our life in general.


Improved awareness of the body


Balance between attention and relaxation

Balance between effort and readiness

Awareness of your inner space and the outside world


The workshop was conducted by Miloš Kecman

When: Thursday, May 17th: 12-16 and 18-21

            Friday, May 18th: 9-17 (with lunch break) 

Where: Franciscan Monastery (PiațaMuzeului, str. Victor Deleu 2-4)



About Miloš Kecman:


I have researched myself through numerous known dance-based development techniques. I came across G.I. Gurdjieff Sacred Movements for the first time in 2001. This method immediately impressed me, but I was too young to understand all the depths of this method. Great love is hard to forget, so in 2009 I devoted myself to these movements. I regularly attend seminars abroad. I also attended three three-week seminars for the teachers of the Gurdjieff Sacred Movements. Since 2012, I have been conducting courses and weekend workshops for these Movements, mainly in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade.



About Gurdjieff Movements:


These movements are based on traditional dances G. I. Gurdjieff studied during his trips in Central Asia, in India, in Tibet, in the East and in Africa, where he visited with several Sufi and Indo-European orders, as well as Buddhist centers and other sources of traditional culture and teaching.

During his career as an instructor, G. I. Gurdjieff also composed numerous movements and exercises himself, that he taught to his disciples in the framework of a work of self-observation and self-study.


Participants share the effects of a workshop:


„I was expecting to be very tired after the first day, to get my muscle inflammation, but to my great surprise, nothing had happened, but vice versa, it was an explosion of joy and unusual liberation of the life energy that inspired it. A new dimension was released in my life, I felt love for my physical body as a wonderful creation.”

„Three days after the workshop I feel like my heart and brain are still defragmented. The mighty force entered into me and connected me to something eternal ... I am more true, closer to the people around me.”

The project is made possible by the support of Bethlen Gábor Fund.

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