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Fragments from a Distant Memory

What we are now is a straight consequence of the past: our behaviour, deeds, reactions, gestures and words. Therefore, we need to research the past in a dialectic way, in close connection to our present existence. Theatre is able to decode and change these questions.

To process the heritage that willingly or unwillingly ingrained into our bodies, we turned to “dead words” such as: Securitate, communism, dictatorship or Ceauşescu.

Fragments from a Distant Memory combines action, text, music and dance. The performance lets the fragments meet each other, which in a certain order can even make up a story.


Director: Csongor Köllő

Actors: Attila Pál, Buchmann Wilhelm, Emőke Pál, Kinga Ötvös, Noémi Csont, Réka Zongor, Zoltán Deák, Zsolt Csepei

Text: Domokos Szilágyi, Éva Cs. Gyimesi, Jorge Luis Borges, Jerzy Grotowski and the actors

Duration: 50 min

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