Little Everything and the Magic Box/ Mindenke és a varázsdoboz [EN,HU]

What is happening in the gift box? What does the wrapped-up doll think while waiting for someone to make happy? Is she dreaming? Is she lonely? Is she curious about the outside world? Little Everything is impatient and curious. She looks out of the box and sees the wonders outside, the kind faces which look back curiously too. She can no longer remain in the dark. As she ventures out, a fragrant, green field opens up and her luggage comes to life, convincing her to set off on the road of secrets to discover the world. Hiding in the magic box, she becomes the tiny Little Everything, and her travel companion becomes the tiny little Dingó. The two of them are flying towards adventures. „We are

Fragments from a Distant Memory / Egy távoli emlék töredékei [EN,HU,RO]

What we are now is a straight consequence of the past: our behaviour, deeds, reactions, gestures and words. Therefore, we need to research the past in a dialectic way, in close connection to our present existence. Theatre is able to decode and change these questions. To process the heritage that willingly or unwillingly ingrained into our bodies, we turned to “dead words” such as: Securitate, communism, dictatorship or Ceauşescu. Fragments from a Distant Memory combines action, text, music and dance. The performance lets the fragments meet each other, which in a certain order can even make up a story. Director: Csongor Köllő Production of Shoshin Theatre Association Actors: Attila Pál, Buchm

Antigone's Family: Stories of Blindness / Antigoné családja: a vakság történetei [EN,HU,RO]

Outdoor theatre action There is a gathering of the family of the Labdacidae, where everyone comes: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, law-abiding people and rebellious hooligans, living and dead. But something is going on in the city of Thebes-Cluj (Cluj? Napoca? Klausenburg? Klojznburg? Kleusenburch? Claudiopolis?). The story of Antigone and the Labdacidae is the story of blindness, both literally and figuratively. The relation between politics and the individual (civil sphere?), contradictions between cultures, the monsters of blind aggression, family, love, rebellion, inbreeding, manipulation, (conflict of) interest and so on. These are the stories we are unfolding through motion, rhythm,

Shoshin International Theatre Residencies, 2016

↓↓ Magyarul (HU) lennebb; în română (RO) nițel mai jos ↓↓ Knots of time, nodes of present: the Boat 29 August – 3 September, Kide (Chidea) village, Cluj county, Romania Led by: Grzegorz Ziółkowski (STUDY || ROSA, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, PL) and Csongor Köllő (Shoshin Theatre Association and University of Babes-Bolyai, RO) Resident author: Zsolt Visky (RO) ​ A boat is a structure that takes you from one river-bank to the other. It is a transition, but not without risks. It can be a reference to death, as in Różewicz: „in my black suit / in a boat / without oars / leaving the world / sailing away / father”. But it can also be more general – as in the idea of a journey. We aime

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