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Antigone's Family: Stories of Blindness

Outdoor theatre action


There is a gathering of the family of the Labdacidae, where everyone comes: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, law-abiding people and rebellious hooligans, living and dead. But something is going on in the city of Thebes-Cluj (Cluj? Napoca? Klausenburg? Klojznburg? Kleusenburch? Claudiopolis?).


The story of Antigone and the Labdacidae is the story of blindness, both literally and figuratively. The relation between politics and the individual (civil sphere?), contradictions between cultures, the monsters of blind aggression, family, love, rebellion, inbreeding, manipulation, (conflict of) interest and so on. These are the stories we are unfolding through motion, rhythm, colours, music, singing and sound.


Antigone’s Family: Stories of blindness is an international project that intends to move the theatre out of its stable balance, while taking it outdoor and giving the possibility of a free access to culture. It is a story from and about Cluj-Napoca, which is embedded in an ancient story with relevance to the modern world.


This is a production of Shoshin Theatre Association with a collaboration of Regula contra Regulam Teatro from Milan.

Director: Raúl Iaiza (IT)


The project was funded by the Mayor's Office of Cluj-Napoca and its Local Council, the Communitas Foundation and the Roberto Rossi.

Our partners were the Museum of Arts and the Franciscan Monastery.

The performance was a part of the Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital programme series, and it supports the European Capital of Culture – Cluj-Napoca 2021 project.

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